8 Ways To Make Extra Money Using The Internet

When the economy is struggling and unemployment is high, people look to the internet for ways to make money. Whether they’re looking for ideas to make money, jobs which they can apply to via the internet or just some general … Continued

Girl Runs Away Then Sues Parents for Expenses

Rachel Canning had sought immediate relief in the form of $650 in weekly child support and the payment of the remainder of her tuition at Morris Catholic High School, as well as attorney’s fees. The motions were denied but both … Continued

Idiot Suing McDonalds Over Napkin

man mcdonalds napkin lawsuit

A man is suing McDonalds $1.5 million dollars over a couple of napkins. Webster Lucas was unhappy with his local McDonald’s in Pacoima, CA after he received just one napkin. When he asked for more, Lucas claims he was denied. … Continued

Brett Favre Grizzly Adams Beard (Picture)

brett favre beard grizzly

This is what Brett Favre is up to today.  This picture is circling around Reddit.  He sure does look old, but he is damn jacked.  It seems like he’s in better physical shape than when he played football.

Disney World Raises Magic Kingdom Prices

disney raises magic kingdom tickets

Disney World has raised their single day passes to Magic Kingdom by $4 bringing the price to $99 for those over 9 years of age. Disney spokeswoman Kim Prunty says the pricing reflects the high quality of the parks. She … Continued