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Bubba Wallace under investigation – Noose in his garage

Discovery of a noose hanging in Bubba Wallace ‘s garage Sunday is a heinous and disrespectful act, said the NASCAR.

Therefore, NASCAR started an investigation to determine if Bubba Wallace is a victim or a perpetrator of the disgraceful act.

What’s more, the F.B.I. and the Justice Department are also investigating the case.

Bubba Wallace fought for a confederate flag’s ban

After the event, Bubba Wallace gave a statement and expressed how the “noose-act” made him feel saddened.

Furthermore, Wallace continued to explain how further as a society we need to go when it comes to fighting racism.

Before the act, Bubba Wallace was vouching for a ban on the confederate flag. So, he received significant support from people in the racing industry.

Particularly, Bubba Wallace had called for a flag’s ban two days before NASCAR. Which declared the Confederate flag to be contrary to its values.

Nonetheless, Bubba Wallace and Richard Petty Motorsports painted Bubba’s No. 43 Chevrolet to the new black scheme, with “#BlackLivesMatter” tagline, over the rear wheels.

Even more, the hood got garnished with black and white fist clasping in a grip with a “Compassion, Love, Understanding” slogan below.

However, the noose-case is a cumbersome event for NASCAR. However, that is trying to dissociate from its segregationist’s past of fostering racism.

Odd enough, George C. Wallace, Alabama’s segregationist’s governor, was a key player in development the Talladega speedway, opened in 1969.

NASCAR tried to step away from the past

In more recent years, NASCAR was making efforts to remove itself from its grim, racist history.

What’s more, they saw a downfall in attendance and television ratings. So, they decided to go down “the welcoming path” for everyone.

In that light, NASCAR tried to provide an extensive investigation over the noose and him. However, it turned out inconclusive.

Meanwhile, F.B.I. confirmed that the noose has been in the garage from October 2019, as shown on video footage.

Therefore, he said he is relieved that the noose-case wasn’t hate-related, while NASCAR stuck to their initial response to the case.

So, the president of NASCAR, Steve Phelps, said he stands behind NASCAR actions. Also, he’ll take full responsibility in how they handled the case.

Anyhow, during NASCAR’s investigation, 1684 garage areas across 29 racetracks were revised and only 11 pull-down ropes knot-tied were found.

However, only one of those was tied in a noose – the one that was hanging in the garage of him.

Nevertheless, NASCAR will have to prove by its future actions that they really championship the racism fight, with the noose-investigations being the first step.

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