Protestors harshly booed of stage Jacob Frey

Due to the recent event that struck the US concerning the death of George Floyd, many big cities encouraged protests. However, one thing caught everyone’s attention – Minneapolis and Jacob Frey.

In Minneapolis, where incident happened, the Mayor Jacob Frey was leaving a protest.

“Go home Jacob Frey”

Dozens of demonstrators chanted at Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to go home.

He did leave the Saturday afternoon protest over police brutality and the death of George Floyd.

The crowd yelled “Shame!” as Frey was leaving the vicinity.

This reaction came after organizers gave a microphone to the mayor. He told demonstrators that he had been coming to grips with his “own brokenness” and acknowledged a need for structural reform.

Furthermore, he said that the racist system needed to be revamped, in terms of how the police department operates.

Moreover, on a video it is shown that a protest organizer took the microphone. Only to ask Jacob Frey would he commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.

After some back and forth, Frey answered that he does not support the full abolition of the police. At that moment the crowd started booing and called for Jacob Frey to go home.

Defunding the police

Calls to “defund the police” are growing across the nation.

However, many activists say this means they want funds to be reallocated from police departments to initiatives that support communities of color. Some of the initiatives include mental health resources and COVID-19 support.

In addition, many advocates say this movement is not promoting the full abolition of police, rather they want cities to scale back on police department budgets.

Over the last few decades, police budgets across the country have risen into the billions.

It is unclear whether or not Jacob Frey knew exactly what the protesters were calling for. And, or if these organizers actually wanted Frey to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department.

Anyhow, Frey is a first-term mayor who was presiding over a thriving city before the death of Floyd. So, a handcuffed black man, sparked the violence.

This incident stroke a nerve not only in Minneapolis, but in the whole US. Which also spread to some parts of the world.

The situation was not handled very well by the Minneapolis authorities.

Therefore, some wonder whether Frey’s approach to the crisis might damage his chances for reelection next year.

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