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George Floyd Death causes huge protest on the streets

The recent death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man started huge protests on the street of Minneapolis, late Wednesday.

Furthermore, Floyd’s death is a murder by the hand of a police officer. All with pinning Floyd to the ground with a knee on the neck.

“No justice, no peace… I can’t breathe”

The demonstrations had started as peaceful initially, but became extremely dangerous, said Tim Walz, Minnesota Gov.

Moreover, angry protestants have been attacking third police precinct, where 4 police officer worked at, by throwing items and water bottles.

Therefore, police created a barrier outside and used tear gas to break the riots around the precinct.

Opposite from the precinct, there was an AutoZone store in flames, and protestants damaged other stores in close perimeter also.

Considering those events, Tim Walz sent Minnesota National Guard on the streets to look after demonstrations.

What’s more, people are also gathering in Denver and New York to call for justice and show disapproval regarding the death of George Floyd.  

Additionally, in New York, police is arresting around 40 people. Also, some officers were injured, according to CNN.

Suffice to say, “I can’t breathe” and “No justice, no peace” became recognized outcry and a symbol of protest, you can see everywhere.

Anyhow, four officers involved in George’s Floyd murder are going to get fired as soon as possible.

Furthermore, a police officer who directly put his knee on Floyd’s neck should be charged, said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

George Floyd was a peaceful man

According to family, George Floyd was a “gentle giant” and a very peaceful man who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Namely, George Floyd and the officer who was kneeling on his neck, Derek Chauvin. Both worked at El Nuevo Rodeo Club.

However, it is unclear if they knew each other, said Maya Santamaria. The ex-owner of the club which became a target of outraging protestors.

Furthermore, the family had strongly believed that Derek Chauvin should face a charge for murder, and not surprisingly, that happened.

Therefore, he is getting convicted by third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Further, Mayor Jacob Frey has imposed a curfew that began Friday night and will extend through the weekend.

What’s interesting, President Trump will talk with George Floyd’s family and expressed his condolences. Saying that demonstrations shouldn’t extend into anarchy.

Anyhow, George Floyd became a symbol of the fight for justice amidst police violence. Also, excessive use of force which cost many people their lives.

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