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How did the coronavirus start? Explanation of what happened

We all wonder how did the coronavirus start, and here’s the main story we all should know.

It all started in Wuhan, Eastern China city with over 11 million people. When the WHO’s China office first heard reports on the now-known, coronavirus.

Therefore, the discovery of the virus and the initial epidemic is mainly in China. However, the virus spread globally, like a pandemic.

Theories of how did the coronavirus start

The virus originated in Wuhan, Hubei province where 50 million people were under lockdown.

However, the quarantine is now slowly beginning to lose grip as authorities see the decrease in cases.

Furthermore, the U.S. is becoming the new epicenter of the disease and currently, there are more than 1,815,762 cases.

What’s more, in Italy the death toll is surrpasing the one in China, and that’s the reason why lock down measures are on.

In that light cinemas, theaters, gyms, and bars were shut down and all public gatherings were canceled.

Anyhow, many believe that virus came from Wuhan seafood market. The place where various wild animals are killed and sold for consumption, illegally.

So, the answer to how did the coronavirus start probably lays in the fact that it transfers from animal to human.

In that light, scientists tried to discover the animal source and solve how did the coronavirus start mystery, but it turned unsuccessful.

Moreover, virologists from Wuhan Institute for Virology delivered the paper showing. That the coronaviruses’ genetic material is 96% identical to those of coronavirus in bats.

The structure of COVID-19

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses with many strains. So, scientists know and study their ability to infect humans and animals.

How did the coronavirus start and SARS and MERS epidemics have many things in common.

Therefore, the similarities lie in the fact that all of these coronaviruses cause a respiratory illness. And, it appears as common colds or severe infections.

Nevertheless, scientists didn’t ever encounter this coronavirus type which causes COVID-19. So, the fact that it spread this much is worrying.

Evidently, different countries reacted differently to the outbreak.

Suffice to say, Italy and Spain are under restrictive lock down while South Korea developed mass drive-by testing which promises great results.

Finally, whether we know how did coronavirus start or not, the most important thing is to stay responsible and think about others.

These difficult times call for unity of people and thinking on how to stop the pandemic while also properly treating currently infected people.

That’s why – stay responsible and follow the measures, and let’s hope that these burdens will pass soon.

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