Minneapolis news – Police Station Burns due to Protest rage

Minneapolis news reports that a police precinct was set afire as protests over the death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis news

Police had cleared the 3rd precinct shortly after 10 p.m., when demonstrators forcibly entered and ignited several fires.

Mayor Jacob Frey decided to pull police out of the precinct, but they still patrolled the community.

Additionally, fires burned on both sides of the police station as demonstrators pushed down temporary fencing and occupied property at the precinct. Other buildings nearby were also burning.

Furthermore, the city of Minneapolis urged people to retreat from the area as a precaution. Minneapolis news reports that gas lines of the 3rd precinct have been cut and other explosives are in the building.

Police reported there were no serious injuries.

Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order activating the National Guard. The order was needed after extensive damage to private property occurred and peaceful protests evolved into a dangerous situation for protesters and first responders.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter urged people to stay home and not to come to protest. He said to focus on George Floyd, on advancing the movement and on preventing this from ever happening again.

In addition, President Donald Trump blamed local leadership for the unrest and threatening deploy National Guard troops.

Business shutdown and riots

In Minneapolis news about 170 businesses are facing severe damages by vandalism, looting, or fires.

Looters broke into Target and T.J. Maxx.

Metro Transit shut down almost all services. An airport shuttle and its Northstar commuter line were all that remained operational.

Minneapolis news reports that multiple riots have occured in other states.

In New York City, at least 40 people are facing charges by the police.

Minneapolis leaders pleaded for peace.

Protesters should be angry about Floyd’s death in police custody. However, they have no right to perpetrate violence and harm on the very communities that you say you are standing up for.

Authorities are trying everything in order to serve a justice in Floyd’s death whatever the consequences. Police officers need to treat all of our citizens with respect and understanding and should be held to the very highest standards for their conduct.

The Justice Department and the FBI are thoroughly investigating officers who are in the case.

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