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Microsoft Green Screen of Death is a Thing Now (GSOD)

We all know the famous Blue Screen of Death by Microsoft, right? The BSOD is going to be dropped for a green screen of death in the next build. The testers have already noticed. Chris123NT on Twitter released this image during testing: so on a hunch I tried to force a bug check and well, […]

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The Tesla Roadster Debuting in 2019 Will Be One of the Quickest Cars in the World

According to Elon Musk’s subtle hints, the next Tesla all-electric convertible will be even quicker than the Model S. “There is of course one speed faster than Ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next-generation Roadster: maximum plaid,” Tesla mentioned in a press release. The Model S, is currently their fastest model, bursting to 60 […]

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Hallmark’s Hanukkah wrapping paper pulled after customers find swastikas in design

Hallmark Cards had to pull all rolls of their Hanukkah wrapping paper off shelves after customers notified them the pattern appears to have swastikas printed on the wrapping paper.  The blue and white Hanukkah (swastika) paper was something that passed by approvals without noticing the pattern. Hallmark spokeswoman Julie Elliott said the wrapping paper wasn’t […]

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50 Cent unveils latest in wearable tech with heart monitor headphones

With wearable technology slated to become the top tech trend of 2014, rapper 50 Cent’s timing is just right for the release of his heart-monitoring headphones. SMS Audio, the company founded by 50 Cent (also known as Curtis Jackson) has collaborated with the technology powerhouse Intel to produce the latest product in exercise technology. The […]

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Google Smart Contact Lenses Help Monitor Glucose

Google recently introduced it’s smart contact lens prototype that monitors glucose levels in tears.  The technology could end the finger pricks.  It is still not completely tested and approved by the FDA, but it looks like an amazing advancement in technology. As a contact wearer, I find this amazing they could do this with the […]

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Blackphone Promises To Be The First NSA-Proof Phone

A smartphone called Blackphone is about to hit the stores soon, and the major thing about it is that it protects your privacy like no other phone. No one, not even the NSA, will be able to look through your private data. Silent Circle (a US-based company on security) and Geeksphone (a Spanish-based company on […]


Castachio Nuts Brand, New Flavors

Castachio Nuts Brand, New Flavors. Research has shown that certain nuts are good for the body, especially the male body.  Just don’t down a five pound bag of roasted-in-the-shell peanuts in one sitting. If you are in the hunt for a quick and convenient snack, just stop into your favorite convenience store and pick up a […]