Two Sharks Attacks in Four Days in Maui

maui shark attack

The Maui community has reason to be worried after a shark bit a woman only four days after the previous Maui shark attack. The 56-year-old woman went for a morning swim and reported that she did not see the shark … Continued

Paula Deen Walmart Trouble

Walmart is just one of the last sponsors to drop celebrity chef Paula Deen over racially insensitive remarks. On Wednesday, despite tearful denials from Deen that she is not a racist, she was dropped by the carrier. Deen’s empire includes … Continued

Wendys Frosty Licker Picture

We are no stranger to hearing gross and disturbing happenings that occur at fast food restaurants, but this latest one might top the charts. A Wendy’s employee was caught filling his mouth up with ice cream from the Frosty machine … Continued

The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

You may have thought that a new high calorie fast food combination could not be invented. Everything has been tested, tried and eaten! Just when you thought you may be safe from calories, here comes the new Krispy Kreme Sloppy … Continued

Pope on Wasting Food

Pope Francis, who only in march this year ascended to the helm of the Catholic Church, has continued his crusade of defending the poor in the society. This time, he is taking on the gluttony of this day’s consumerism. During … Continued