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Paula Deen Walmart Trouble

Walmart is just one of the last sponsors to drop celebrity chef Paula Deen over racially insensitive remarks. On Wednesday, despite tearful denials from Deen that she is not a racist, she was dropped by the carrier. Deen’s empire includes … Continued

iPhone App: The Twiddish

iPhone App: The Twiddish Imagine this:  You’re out on a date with that special person.  You take them to a fine restaurant.  You order a meal that turns out to be a work of art and costs about the same … Continued

Brunch Recipes

Brunch Recipes OK…OK… I realize that most of these recipes result in foods that ARE NOT on a low carb diet.  But since Mother’s Day comes around only once a year (this will be your “splurge” day) some of these … Continued

Atkins Diet: New for a New You

Atkins Diet: New for a New You For some of us it might be a little late to try to shrink down into a new swim suit for the Summer season.  But swim suits and Summer are not the only … Continued

FDA Approves RF Device for Chronic Asthma

Radio-frequency device approved by FDA. The Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty System is the first device that uses radio-frequency energy to treat lung inflammation in patients with severe chronic asthma to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.