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15 Day Old Baby Found Alive In The Rubble of Haiti

A 15 day old infant was discovered alive, and rescued, after going 8 days without food or water in a collapsed home, according to Literally half of the babies life was spent under a crumbled house in Haiti. Here’s more from BC:


NASA Teaches Graphs 101 [video]

You can now learn the basics of graphing with a little help from NASA’s BEST (Beginning Engineering, Science, and Technology). This is interesting because NASA is interested in teaching people about the basics of graphing relationships in all subject matters.  From economics, to car insurance, to how much food is needed for one person to […]

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Google Phone Gets Experimental “DogFooding”

At Google, all new products and concepts are tested on the 20,000 plus employees before they ever reach the public.  This concept is called “Dogfooding” – which implies that Google will eat it’s own dog food before they release it to customers and users. The rumors about a Google Phone seems to be an extension […]

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Twitter Lists Are Live – And Now Introducing Listorious!

Twitter Lists Are Here! You should now have access to the new Twitter Lists function. Just login to your Twitter profile and go to your “Home” page.  You should see the Twitter Lists feature at the top. And now that you have Twitter Lists available, you might need some help creating high quality lists to […]