Rumors of a Facebook Phone

There are rumors starting to float around that we may one day see a Facebook phone. That’s right, and actual phone released by Facebook that will supposedly run on the Android OS. Although these rumors have been denied directly by … Continued

Google Nexus One Officially Gone From Google Store

Seven months ago Google decided to launch their own mobile phone, the Nexus One. But instead of working through carriers like AT&T or Verizon, Google decided instead to take on the challenge by themselves. But this ultimately ended up on … Continued

HTC Incredible & Nexus One Heading To Verizon?

HTC Incredible & Nexus One Heading To Verizon Verizon is determined to the be carrier that is facilitating the mobile revolution. Earlier today I wrote about how Verizon may have hinted via Twitter that the HTC Incredible was about to … Continued