Google Disappoints With Nexus One Sales {CHART}

Since the Nexus One mobile phone launch on January 5th, Google has seen less than stellar sales figures.  According to, only 20,000 units were during that first week.  Let’s compare for a moment to the iPhone 3GS first week … Continued

Google Markets Nexus One From YouTube Home Page

Google has taken full advantage of their web properties when it comes to marketing the Nexus One Google phone.  When the phone first released a couple of weeks ago, Google immediately put a text link ad on their homepage ( … Continued

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on Nexus One

The Nexus One is clearly the most innovative phone to hit the market since the iPhone.  And with the Nexus One being a Google product, of course we can expect advanced features to be “standard” with the phone. One of … Continued