Google’s Getting Gobbled Up With Terrible Customer Service On The Nexus One

Sure, Google created an amazing Android operating system for mobile phones.  And if they stuck to that – to just the operating system piece – then things might be going differently for Google right now.

But Google decided to create it’s own branded phone – the Nexus One.  And along with that “own branded phone” and “direct sales” approach comes all of the customer service issues as well.

And Google is finding itself completely unprepared for the challenge.

Right now, the only customer service that Google is offering is by email.  And with that, Google promises a 2 – 3 day response to your email support question.

This is unacceptable to most people who are used to calling a support line, or finding helpful open forums to answer their questions.

Google’s Nexus One was a great news line for everyone, but now Google’s image might be getting dragged through the mud over the support being offered for their new phone.