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Could Twitter Be The Answer To Nexus One’s Custom Support Nightmare?

twitte google nexus oneGoogle has been getting hammered the last couple of days over their customer support for the new Nexus One phone.  Complaints are piling up in forums on the web, and callers to HTC and T-Mobile are getting the run around… none of this is good for Google!

I’m wondering if they shouldn’t be using Twitter to handle all of their support issues?

Why not?  They already have a Twitter profile @googlenexusone

This Twitter profile could very easily be used as the central base for customer service issues.  Plus, if Google used Twitter and created a hashtag like #googlenexusone, and that’s what everyone used to post their problems, then the Twitter community could come in and help people out.  This would take the burden away from Google trying to keep up with customer support demand.

Problem solved…

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