550,000 New Android Phones Being Activated Each Day

Here’s the reality of Google Android’s OS that powers smartphones.  According to Google there are 550,000 new Android smartphones being activated each day.  This is an astounding number, to say the least.  And a number that, with Android being so new in the mobile phone space, will likely to climb exponentially as we proceed forward. This […]

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Amazon Struggles To Launch To Android Tablet

Even though Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, has publicly stated that Amazon is working on it’s own tablet, we have yet to see the Amazon tablet come to market. There have been a couple of overriding issues that Amazon has struggled with in making the tablet a reality. One issue was whether to build […]

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Android Smartphones Still Dominate Marketshare Over iPhones

The iPhone is just one device, whereas Android smartphones constitute a whole lineup of different devices. Regardless, the fact that Google chose to build an operating system instead of a single device has allowed Android to dominate the marketshare in mobile phones.  According to a Nielson report, Android is still number one with a 27 […]

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Google Gave Out Over 5,000 Galaxy Tablets at Google I/O

Google I/O Live got underway today with over 5,000 people showing up at the San Francisco’s Moscone Center.  These 5,000 people were also greeted with a really nice gift from Google just for showing up… Each attendee received a “not yet released” Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Limited Edition HD 32GB, along with a mobile hotspot and 3 […]

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Acer Goes For The Throat Of The iPad

Acer, sometimes rumored to be in the back pocket of Google themselves, decided to announce on Friday a 10.1 Android tablet that is designed to cut directly into the iPad user base. 10.1 inches, Android powered, and $50 cheaper than the iPad, this Android tablet is sure to be a hit when it shows up […]

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Amazon Blaze – Is Amazon About To Release A Solar Powered, Android Smartphone?

So is this for real, or is it an April fool’s joke?  There are some rumors out there that Amazon is about to release their very own smartphone called the Amazon Blaze. So far, there have only been photos and specs leaked on the device and it’s still yet unknown if this device is real […]


‘Wave To Pay’ – The Future Of Paying With Your Android and iPhone Device

Google has announced plans to partner with CitiGroup and Master Card to bring you the “wave to pay” technology that allows you to complete a purchase with your credit card by simply waving your Google Android device.  This according to the Wall Street Journal. This futuristic payment system could be here as early as this […]