NYC Commuter Ferry Crash Injures 30 to 50

Police and fire officials say 30 to 50 people were injured when a ferry from New Jersey struck a dock during rush hour in lower Manhattan.  By reports and pictures you can see a huge gash in the side of … Continued

Is Groupon Losing It’s Luster (Chart)

As Groupon makes moves to launch an IPO, there’s one overriding truth that has everyone from Wall Street to the SEC nervous.  And that is, will Groupon continue to be a profitable company going forward?  Charts like the one below … Continued

GoDaddy Is Looking For A Buyer

GoDaddy is running another huge sale this weekend, except this time they are looking for a buyer to buy the company outright for an estimated $2.5 billion. The announcement of the sale could come next week as investment companies start … Continued