Project Management Groupon Deal (Review)

Have you always wanted to improve or strengthen your Project Leadership skills as a business professional? If yes, then the Project Management Certification Groupon Deal is what you are looking for. It is a comprehensive 12 month online course outlined … Continued

Top 5 Apps For Shopping

Nowadays smartphones are more than just for calling and texting, they play a huge part in ecommerce. Considering the operating system of Android, some very interesting Apps have been developed that aid you while going for shopping. Those of you … Continued

Is Groupon About To Go Bankrupt?

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Is Groupon Losing It’s Luster (Chart)

As Groupon makes moves to launch an IPO, there’s one overriding truth that has everyone from Wall Street to the SEC nervous.  And that is, will Groupon continue to be a profitable company going forward?  Charts like the one below … Continued

Groupon In Lawmaker’s Crosshairs

Groupon made an update to their privacy policies last week where they will begin collecting more information about users of the group buying site to share with business partners. Groupon also stated in their new privacy policy that they will … Continued

LivingSocial Acquires 3 International Deal Sites

LivingSocial is aggressively expanding to the international deals’ scene and obviously has every intention of competing, and surpassing, Groupon. News is breaking that LivingSocial has acquired three daily deal sites that will help expand their international reach. According to DailySocial, the … Continued