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Space shuttle Atlantis readies for final voyage

Space Shuttle Atlantis readies for final voyage. The six astronauts — all men — waved and shook their fists as they headed to the launch pad at mid-morning. The 12 day mission is the last one for Atlantis.  Only two flights remain … Continued

NASA Releases Lunar Rover iPhone APP

Yesterday, NASA made it a lot easier for you and I to explore the moon with the release of the NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator for the iPhone (iTunes link).  With the application only being released yesterday, there are only … Continued

Twitter Thinks Astronauts Are Cool

One of the coolest things about Twitter is that anyone, and I mean anyone, can find an audience who is willing to listen – or should I say “follow” – what you are saying.  In fact, the more “niche” or … Continued