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Facebook’s New Unfollow Button Replaces “Hide All”

Facebook is getting in sync with the times by changing their “hide all” feature to “unfollow”.  The button will work the same way so you can hide annoying or unwanted updates in your feed by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post.  This makes it so you don’t have to […]

Technology Gets A PR8

I’m surprised I didn’t catch this earlier, and if someone from Mashable is reading this they are probably laughing at me.  But I just noticed that now has a PR8 (PageRank of 8). What’s PageRank you ask?  According to the meta data of the PageRank button on the Google toolbar, PageRank is “Google’s view […]

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New Google Android Music App Coming Soon, And It Looks Awesome (Video)

Mashable, via Engadget, posted a video of what looks like the new Google Android music app that is expected to make its debut with the release of Android 3.0 – also known as Gingerbread. You can see the video (apparently leaked) of the new Android music app below. Rich, colorful features, along with an awesome […]

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Facebook Ranked #2 Video Site In The US (Charts)

The growth rate of Facebook is nothing less than extraordinary (to say the least). Back in March 2010, it was reported that Facebook actually generated more page views than Google.  Wow – never thought I’d hear something like that! Here’s a chart: And on July 21st, Facebook announced they reached the 500 million user mark – […]

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Twitter Bug Strikes, Mouseover Warnings from Twitter

You might not want to mouseover any links on Twitter until a major bug / security flaw gets resolved. This bug is particularly bad because all you have to do is mouseover a link and potentially third party sites and pop ups can open. The bug is powered by a JavaScript function called onMouseOver and […]

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‘Craigslist Killer’ Suspect Kills Himself

News broke yesterday that the ‘Craigslist Killer’ had died. The ‘Craigslist Killer’, or Philip Markoff, was reportedly found dead in his jail cell yesterday one day after what would have been his first wedding anniversary. The reports are that he killed himself. Philip Markoff was indicted on charges of murder and armed robbery in 2009. He […]


Craigslist Will Earn $36 Million From Prostitution in 2010

Ever wonder how Craigslist makes money? How about this year (2010), Craigslist is on track to earn $36 million from their “Adult Services” section – formerly known as “Erotic Services”. Simply put, this is prostitution. $36 million is roughly 30% of the $99 million in profits that Craigslist will earn in 2010. The “Erotic Services” […]