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Top 5 Apps for SEO from Your Smartphone

Recently SEO specialists have seen an overabundance of smartphone apps emerge all intent on helping them become more efficient. In order to help them go straight to those which will assist them the most, five apps have risen to the top as far as their functionality and ease of use are concerned: Website SEO Audit, […]

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Google PageRank Dissapeared Today – Where is my PageRank?

If you’re a search engine optimizer (seo’er) and use PageRank tool’s  a lot, you may have noticed that Google PageRank Disappeared today! I use an awesome SEO tool for FireFox that shows Page Rank (when it’s working), META tag information, who-is information and all of the other elements that help me to analyze a website.  […]

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SEO Insights – An Unprecedented Look At Google’s Algorithm [Video]

Did you know that Google will make upwards of 500 changes per year to their search algorithm?  This is an ongoing process to optimize search results and deliver a better, more relevant user experience? It is not very often that we, as the average Google user, get to see very deep into the algorithm that […]

Technology Gets A PR8

I’m surprised I didn’t catch this earlier, and if someone from Mashable is reading this they are probably laughing at me.  But I just noticed that now has a PR8 (PageRank of 8). What’s PageRank you ask?  According to the meta data of the PageRank button on the Google toolbar, PageRank is “Google’s view […]

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Debunking PageRank Sculpting: “Do Follow” Categories & Tags in WordPress SEO

I just finished reading a post about an SEO strategy for WordPress called PageRank Sculpting.  The post talked about how you wanted to add a “no follow” attribute to categories and tags in order to prevent giving away PageRank unnecessarily and drive more PR (PageRank) juice to the posts of your blog. I have to be […]


Citation Theory – Higher Rankings in Google with Google Places

When talking to SEO types about Google Places, one of the big buzzwords you’ll typically hear mentioned is “citations”. What are citations in Google Places? Citations are to Google Places pages as backlinks are to your website – basically, they are votes, in the form of links (or mentions) throughout the web that are directly […]


3 Components of EdgeRank, Facebook Optimization & Increased Exposure

So what’s the ultimate goal of any business using a Facebook Fan Page as a marketing tool? To get into the newfeeds of thousands, or perhaps millions, or Facebook users and for those users to comment, “like”, and share those updates. However, what most businesses (and most people in general) don’t realize is that Facebook’s […]