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Google PageRank Dissapeared Today – Where is my PageRank?

google pagerank disappeared todayIf you’re a search engine optimizer (seo’er) and use PageRank tool’s  a lot, you may have noticed that Google PageRank Disappeared today! I use an awesome SEO tool for FireFox that shows Page Rank (when it’s working), META tag information, who-is information and all of the other elements that help me to analyze a website.  It really comes in handy when optimizing your website because you don’t need to go to Google and find a website just to look up a tool or go to a who-is website to find out who owns a domain.  The SEO add-on for Firefox that I use is called SearchStatus.

Why is my PageRank Gone Today?

So when I click on the PageRank button in my SearchStatus SEO Toolbar at the bottom of Firefox, you’ll notice in my screenshot it shows as blank (even when I’m on the Social Media SEO homepage.  Below shows a quick look at the Search Status menu.

best seo tool for firefox

The reason your PageRank disappeared today

There are many user’s complaining about dead PageRanks, however it seems that it’s all unnecessary whining as Google has simply updated the URL used to query PR.

Although it does seem that most extensions aren’t yet savvy to the update as we’ve updated/uninstalled a couple in Chrome which still aren’t working (you can obviously tell from the ‘last updated’ date of the extension). This also seems to be the case with more PR checker websites so out guess is we’ll need to wait for an official announcement from Google before tools start getting updated.

How to get your PageRank Back

Well, as mentioned your SEO tools and ad-dons will need to upgrade their extensions, so in the meantime you’ll just have to wait.  We’ll also be awaiting Google’s announcement about this issue.

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