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Winning with WordPress! The 7 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

One study found that around 90% of marketers said that social media marketing increased the recognition of their businesses. In other words, social media marketing is hugely important. There is a lot involved with good social media marketing, but one of the most important aspects is connecting your website to the most popular of social media platforms.  […]

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How to Create a Successful Small Business Website

The internet is home to a digital population that amounts to over 4 billion people. That means that good business websites have the opportunity to engage with billions of potential customers. If that prospect sounds good to you and you don’t have a website yet (or don’t have a very good website) it’s time to […]

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How To Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Site

WordPress themes are the the crux of the entire platform, and one of the biggest benefits of choosing WordPress web hosting. While so much customization happens via the WordPress dashboard, your chosen theme is the result of all the back-end work you’ve put in. There are over 2,000 themes in the WordPress free repository alone, […]


The Right Website for Your Business

When it comes to 21st century business, having a website is a must. Your customers want to be able to find information quickly and easily, and for that, online is the way to go. As far as the look, feel and capabilities of your site go, the options are almost endless. Here are a few […]

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Trends in Instruction Manuals For the Next Generations of Users

Next-generation users are seeking exceptional online user experiences, and tapping online instruction manuals and user guides are the norm for young entrepreneurs. Because of the exposure to technology in the classroom and the resulting development of more technical mindsets, it is no surprise these young consumers can practically figure out how to use products and […]

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Rich Pins Not Working? Here’s How to Validate Them

I noticed more and more of rich pins on the Pinterest website lately.  What is a rich pin?  Well, it basically provides more information about the website the pin content origination.  For example, it will show helpful information with the pin, like a Favicon (the icon shown in your browser tab for a website), the […]

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WordPress 3.8 Update Brings Flat UI and Responsive Design

Today, when I logged into my WordPress admin panel for Social Media SEO I noticed another update by WordPress, so I gladly clicked the upgrade button.  After upgrading to WordPress 3.8 I noticed a difference right away.  They moved to the trending flat ui interface and made the software responsive for any device.  The navigation […]