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Trends in Instruction Manuals For the Next Generations of Users

Next-generation users are seeking exceptional online user experiences, and tapping online instruction manuals and user guides are the norm for young entrepreneurs. Because of the exposure to technology in the classroom and the resulting development of more technical mindsets, it is no surprise these young consumers can practically figure out how to use products and […]

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Google’s Motorola Mobility Deal Is All About Competing With Apple

It’s clear that every software and hardware company on the planet is sitting, staring, and drooling over the unprecedented success of Apple. No company in the history of this planet has ever had the level of success that Apple has seen since 2007 with the first iPhone hit the market. The combination punch of hardware […]

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Only 100,000 Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 Tablets Sold In First 2 Months

This number would otherwise be huge, except we are comparing them to the iPad 2 sales. In the first two months of sales for the Motorola Xoom (Android 3.0 Honeycomb) tablet, estimated sales place the device selling about 100,000 unites.  This number is not based on actual sales figures, rather on research from Deutsche Bank analysts […]

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The Mobile Phone Turns 38 Years Old Today – Happy Birthday Mobile Phone

Here’s a birthday that I didn’t see on my Facebook wall.  The mobile phone turns 38 years today.  That’s right, the first publicly made mobile phone call happened in New York City on April 3rd, 1973 by a gentleman named Martin Cooper. As reported, he was walking down the street in New York and people […]

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Motorola Xoom Costs What? $799… Are You Kidding Me?

So what did you think of the Motorola Xoom Super Bowl commercial last night? (check out the video below). Yeah, that looks like a pretty sweet Android tablet, I must admit. But can someone tell me who, in their right mind, is going to pay $799 for this thing when you can get an iPad […]

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Motorola Releases Their Upcoming Android Tablet Commercial (Video)

The battle of the tablets is heating up and Motorola is ready to get in on the action. Motorola has released a pretty awesome commercial that walks us through the history of the tablet, from Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets in 3200 B.C., to the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 A.D.  Motorola’s commercial points out the […]


Motorola’s Shop4Apps Hits Android Smartphones in China

Android smartphones are breaking wide open in the China market. And Motorola is right there ready to compete directly with the Android Marketplace as a source for downloading Android Apps with their new Shop4Apps platform. Not only can Android smartphone users get the latest and greatest Android apps from Motorola’s Shop4Apps store, but developers can […]