Motorola Releases Their Upcoming Android Tablet Commercial (Video)

The battle of the tablets is heating up and Motorola is ready to get in on the action. Motorola has released a pretty awesome commercial that walks us through the history of the tablet, from Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets in 3200 B.C., to the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 A.D. ┬áMotorola’s commercial points out the deficiencies of tablet releases up to this point, including the deficiency of the iPad being just like an overgrown iPhone.

Check it out below – here’s the Motorola Android tablet (pre) commercial:

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  1. CheetahDeals Blog

    The fact that that’s a screencap of a YouTube clip is insanely confusing… I clicked on it, and got redirected back to this page? Just embed the video. Jeez. (Oh I see what happened. It was a Hit The Jump situation. Fine.. whatever.)


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