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AT&T Adds Carrier Billing For Android App Purchases

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Google is expanding their efficiency of Android app purchases by AT&T adding “carrier billing”.

Carrier billing allows AT&T Android subscribers the ability to purchase apps from the Android market and have the purchase added to their AT&T bill.

Previously, people had to add a credit card to the Android market in order to purchase apps. Now, by allowing AT&T customers the ability have app purchases added to their monthly bill, Google is expecting a large increase in app purchases. And of course, AT&T will be getting a cut of the revenue as well I’m sure.

Nokio is experiencing success with its own Ovi store carrier billing. Nokia is claiming that app sales have increased by a factor of 10 since add carrier billing.

The only question now is, when will we see Apple bring carrier billing for iPhone and iPad apps?

via ArsTechnica

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