Parker iPhone App Helps You Find A Parking Spot

parker iphone app

Who would’ve thought that parking spaces could actually update their status via the cloud (the web)?

Apparently, this is becoming a reality and the status update that parking spots send out are either “taken” or “available”.

With parking spots possessing this new found freedom of communication, it only makes sense then that an iPhone app would be developed that can tell drivers where parking spots are available.

This is exactly what the Parker iPhone App does by Streetline.

“The app dramatically increases your chances of finding parking,” explains CEO Zia Yusuf.

Drivers are able to see where there are two spots, more than two spots, and more than four spots available in certain parking lots. You’ll also get pricing, hours, time limits, and whether the parking spots take cash or credit card as payment.

The Parker iPhone app currently works in U.S. cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Hollywood, California.

via FastCompany

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