New Facebook App for iPhone IOS Features Timeline

timeline feature facebook app

There’s an update to Apple IOS following the launch of the new Facebook timeline feature.  Today I noticed an update for my iPhone app and assumed it was an update related to Facebook timeline.  Sure enough, I updated my Facebook … Continued

Google+ iPhone App Coming Soon

This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise to most, but the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to Apple’s app store for approval.  I think a more politically correct way to say it would be that the Google+ app … Continued

Microsoft’s OneNote iPhone App, Again… Fail

Microsoft finally decided to take some of the billions of dollars in their coffers and pay a developer to build them an iPhone app. That’s exactly what they did, and so they just launched the One Note iPhone app. OneNote … Continued

Parker iPhone App Helps You Find A Parking Spot

Who would’ve thought that parking spaces could actually update their status via the cloud (the web)? Apparently, this is becoming a reality and the status update that parking spots send out are either “taken” or “available”. With parking spots possessing … Continued