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Google Acquires Jetpac App

“We’re joining Google”. That was a message communicated over Jetpac’s website upon acquisition by the global search giant. Jetpac is the responsible organization behind an app recommending destination on the basis of analyzing instagram photos, publicly shared. The excitement was … Continued

New Facebook App for iPhone IOS Features Timeline

timeline feature facebook app

There’s an update to Apple IOS following the launch of the new Facebook timeline feature.  Today I noticed an update for my iPhone app and assumed it was an update related to Facebook timeline.  Sure enough, I updated my Facebook … Continued

Google+ iPhone App Coming Soon

This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise to most, but the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to Apple’s app store for approval.  I think a more politically correct way to say it would be that the Google+ app … Continued

Microsoft’s OneNote iPhone App, Again… Fail

Microsoft finally decided to take some of the billions of dollars in their coffers and pay a developer to build them an iPhone app. That’s exactly what they did, and so they just launched the One Note iPhone app. OneNote … Continued

Parker iPhone App Helps You Find A Parking Spot

Who would’ve thought that parking spaces could actually update their status via the cloud (the web)? Apparently, this is becoming a reality and the status update that parking spots send out are either “taken” or “available”. With parking spots possessing … Continued