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Google Acquires Jetpac App

google-aquires-jetpac-citi-guides“We’re joining Google”. That was a message communicated over Jetpac’s website upon acquisition by the global search giant. Jetpac is the responsible organization behind an app recommending destination on the basis of analyzing instagram photos, publicly shared.

The excitement was so conspicuous that Jetpac couldn’t wait to recall their apps from Apple’s App store and that is scheduled to be on September 15. They further affirmed their anticipation to more exciting projects that they intend to work alongside their Google colleagues.Employees of both firms will form a team in an attempt to form a detailed understanding to search results.

Google’s intention is still unknown over what to do with Jetpac’s scenic vista, popular bar and others’ finding technology. However, in agreement with Google’s priorities is a mesh-up technology that will be used in the start-up. Other than the reliance on curates, its technology is able to extract information from many photos that are available publicly. Several human activities are eliminated by these technologies. The search algorithms used by Google work at scales and speeds that are impossible for any human, with so broad an approach and web analysis.

Also customized to offer information on geographical basis are Jetpac’s 6,000 resultant city guides. This blends well with Google’s intent and zeal to become an electronic assistant at personal level. This is through Google+, Google Maps and Google Now services.
It is obvious that it is going to be an interesting future for both Jetpac and the global search giant. Since much of what Google intends to do with the app is still a speculation, a universally agreeable opinion is that they must be of the intention to up their game and especially with the consideration that the app will be off the shelves in a month. So, who has become more muscular between Jetpac and Google? A personal analysis dictates whatever your answer may be. All in all its an interesting acquisition.

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