Facebook Releases New ‘Poke’ App

On Friday, Facebook gave the world an early Christmas gift with its new messaging system called ‘Poke’ – a play off Facebook’s “Poke” function. This new app gives users the ability to send complex messages like text, photo or video, … Continued

Is Your Facebook App Slow? One Simple Fix

I’ve been noticing my Facebook app has been extremely slow on my iPhone.  This isn’t really a secret, but it’s important to always keep your apps and software up to date.  Luckily Facebook issued a massive update to its iOS … Continued

Facebook Coupons – Offer’s for your Business

facebook offers

Facebook is rolling out a new Facebook Offers feature, which will allow businesses to create coupons and publish them to a news feed.  The offers can be distributed through your customer news feed or even promoted as a Sponsored Story. … Continued