Facebook to Twitter

facebook to twitter

How to post a Facebook post automatically to your Twitter Account So you’re looking for an automatic method to post your Facebook status to your Twitter account?  It’s really easier than you think.  Here are the direct steps to get … Continued

New Facebook App for iPhone IOS Features Timeline

timeline feature facebook app

There’s an update to Apple IOS following the launch of the new Facebook timeline feature.  Today I noticed an update for my iPhone app and assumed it was an update related to Facebook timeline.  Sure enough, I updated my Facebook … Continued

Facebook App for Iphone Frozen – Easy Application Fix

iphone facebook app frozen fix

Takeaway:Is your iPhone Facebook Application frozen again?  This is a common problem, your application hangs and doesn’t pull your news feed at all.  Quickly use these troubleshooting techniques that will unfreeze your Facebook app so it can pull your news … Continued