‘Fluid’ Fixes Facebook Fan Page App Scrollbar Issues

facebook fan page fluid

One of the greatest advancements in Facebook Fan Page customization was when Facebook deprecated the FBML app and allowed apps to be added to pages that utilized full HTML.  This one single move opened up a whole new world of Facebook page customization and utilization.

However, one of the biggest complaints from developers – at least initially – was when the Facebook page app wasn’t quite right in either height or width and you’d get a scroll bar.

Well it seems that Facebook has resolved this issue for developers with ‘Fluid’.

Fluid is a new feature in the Facebook app’s height and width settings. ¬†Instead of checking a fixed width or “show scroll bar”, you can now select ‘Fluid’ and your app will adjust automatically to remove the scroll bars.

Let me know if you are using ‘Fluid’ and still have problems with your scroll bars.

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