Rich Pins Not Working? Here’s How to Validate Them

I noticed more and more of rich pins on the Pinterest website lately.  What is a rich pin?  Well, it basically provides more information about the website the pin content origination.  For example, it will show helpful information with the … Continued

How to Create (and Promote) a Facebook Page

So you want to create a Facebook Page, huh? Great! I’m here to make it possible. And not just possible – easy! Using the following information, you too will soon be the proud owner of a finely tuned, highly functional … Continued

Facebook Major Redesign Approaching

Hear that?  Facebook is going to have a major redesign.  Woah. I’d be careful if I were you Facebook, remember what happened the last time you rolled out a major design update?  User’s were so irate they were creating petitions … Continued