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Survival Guide for the Self-Employed Social Media Consultant

Nearly 15 million people in the workforce are self-employed, totaling about 10% of the total job market. Not everyone wants to spend their most productive years chained to a desk. Some crave the freedom to work how they want when they want, and where they want. And thanks to the burgeoning need for social media […]

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GitHub Attacked By Government-Backed Chinese Hackers, Sources Claim

GitHub, the largest online code repository used by millions around the world has reported that it is still facing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and the website is on ‘high alert’. Last week, GitHub went down after massive hacking attacks were launched on the largest coding repo. GitHub accepted that the recent attack is […]

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Rich Pins Not Working? Here’s How to Validate Them

I noticed more and more of rich pins on the Pinterest website lately.  What is a rich pin?  Well, it basically provides more information about the website the pin content origination.  For example, it will show helpful information with the pin, like a Favicon (the icon shown in your browser tab for a website), the […]

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The Differences Between a Facebook Page and a Group

Facebook provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals looking to maximize their social presence, and the two primary ways in which it allows you to do this are Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. On the surface it’s easy to say, Aren’t they, like, basically the same thing? What does it matter if I pick one […]

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How to Create (and Promote) a Facebook Page

So you want to create a Facebook Page, huh? Great! I’m here to make it possible. And not just possible – easy! Using the following information, you too will soon be the proud owner of a finely tuned, highly functional Facebook Page, which could help generate sales as soon as today. But let’s not get […]

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Rhino Auction Hunter Faces Death Threats (Corey Knowlton)

Corey Knowlton was the hunter who paid $350,000 for a chance to kill an endangered black rhino.  Since he was revealed by the Dallas Safari Club to hunt the rhino, he’s become a target.  He received several death threats online and has notified the FBI to stop his children from being “skinned alive and shot […]

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Facebook Major Redesign Approaching

Hear that?  Facebook is going to have a major redesign.  Woah. I’d be careful if I were you Facebook, remember what happened the last time you rolled out a major design update?  User’s were so irate they were creating petitions to get the old look back.  Of course, the same thing happens as always, they […]