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How to Create (and Promote) a Facebook Page

So you want to create a Facebook Page, huh? Great! I’m here to make it possible. And not just possible – easy! Using the following information, you too will soon be the proud owner of a finely tuned, highly functional … Continued

1913 Nickel Worth Millions Going to Auction

When is a 1913 nickel worth a million dollars? Simple: when it isn’t supposed to exist. The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is currently only one of five known to exist, and it’s back story sounds like a fiction novel gone … Continued

Omaha Sewer Fire Shuts Down Power

As of 10:30 am Monday, less than 100 customers in the Omaha area are still without power after an underground electrical equipment fire caused a power outage and a sewer fire explosion. Witnesses claim the fire exploded out of manholes … Continued

5 Killed in Chicago Shootings, Another 5 Wounded

Weekend gun violence in Chicago resulted in five dead and five more wounded, including two separate double-homicide shootings that occurred approximately twelve hours apart. At about 4:15pm officers responded to the 4200 block of West Congress Parkway in the West … Continued