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Facebook Experimenting With More Ads in News Feeds

As if we aren’t getting flooded with Facebook’s recent attempt to make a bigger profit by increasing sponsored ads in your news feed, they are planning yet more ads to be placed into your news feed.

Here are a few recent ad formats I noticed that are popping up all over Facebook.  Shockingly they even changed their simple homepage to advertise their new appstore:

facebook app store ad

Here are some very obtrusive ads I’ve been noticing on mobile Facebook that really suck:

facebook ad targeting

facebook experimenting with ads1

Wow, how many more ads can they put in our news feed?  Apparently they are going to start placing ads in news feeds that don’t have anything to do with your likes or interests.  Previously they would display ads based on your preferences, but all that has changed now that they are starving for ways to make money!


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