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Is Your Facebook App Slow? One Simple Fix

facebook app slowI’ve been noticing my Facebook app has been extremely slow on my iPhone.  This isn’t really a secret, but it’s important to always keep your apps and software up to date.  Luckily Facebook issued a massive update to its iOS app, with app version 5.0 that is supposed to increase iPhone app speed tremendously.  They say that  the update will make it faster and easier to use.  I started to download it and right away noticed a few positives that seem to work better and faster.

  • The app loaded a bit slow when I re-opened it but I’m sure it was just a cache reload.
  • The top menu bar seemed bigger
  • You can now swipe to go back to the main menu
  • Buttons seem larger
  • More responsive
  • Loads way faster after it’s already opened in my dock
  • After clicking, pages seem to slide (I don’t remember if it did this, but it’s cool)
  • Icon seems brighter (I know it’s weird I notice these details. It was a bit darker and tough to see on a dark background.)

That’s it for now.  I’ll have to explore more to see what they improved, but it’s already a lot better.

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