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Apple Launches 15-Inch Retina Display MacBook, 27-inch iMac With Improved Specs

Apple has refreshed its 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. The company also announced upgrades to its 27 inch iMac by adding Intel processors. The MacBook also got a deeper click, forced touch trackpad with the ‘taptic’ feedback. The 15 inch MacBook with Retina display also got a new PCIe-based flash storage, which will double […]


New York Post Blocks Free iPad Access, Forces App Purchase

The New York Post has joined a growing number of publishers who are forcing readers to pay to download their app version of their publications, shutting the door to free access on certain devices like the iPad. Today it was discovered that when you visit The New York Post with the Safari browser via the […]


Parker iPhone App Helps You Find A Parking Spot

Who would’ve thought that parking spaces could actually update their status via the cloud (the web)? Apparently, this is becoming a reality and the status update that parking spots send out are either “taken” or “available”. With parking spots possessing this new found freedom of communication, it only makes sense then that an iPhone app […]

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Blackberry App World Hits 10,000 Apps, WOW!

Blackberry has reached a new milestone in the quest for keeping up with the likes of Apple and Android users. The Blackberry App World store has reached 10,000 apps. Now I know that’s only a tenth of the number of apps in the Android market, and a fraction of the apps available from Apple. But […]

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Apple Adds ‘Genius’ For iPad Apps

Apple has added their Genius recommendation system to iPad apps in the app store. iPad tablet owners can now add Genius recommendations in the app store while browsing for new apps. If you own an iPad, simply enable “Genius” next to “Updates”. Once enabled, you’ll be given a list of apps that you may be […]

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Apple Store (Online) Down, Newness Is Coming

The Apple Store website is down! This is quite possibly the only website in history that when it goes down, millions of people get excited. That’s because when the Apple Store website goes down, it means new goodies are on their way. The rumored “newness” this time however isn’t going to be a new iPhone, […]

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Finger Physics, An iPhone App Review

The other day I wanted to check out what was “hot” in the free iPhone app list in the App Store on my iPhone. Looking at the top 25 free apps I saw Finger Physics sitting in the number one position, and the iPhone App also looked cool, so I downloaded it. That was about […]