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Finger Physics, An iPhone App Review

finger physics iphone app

The other day I wanted to check out what was “hot” in the free iPhone app list in the App Store on my iPhone. Looking at the top 25 free apps I saw Finger Physics sitting in the number one position, and the iPhone App also looked cool, so I downloaded it.

That was about the end of my excitement for Finger Physics.

As soon as I opened Finger Physics, I felt like I was being marketed to at every tap of the iPhone. Not only was the marketing and presentation frustrating, but getting started an actually playing something was equally challenging.

Once the app loads, you are staring a screen filled with boxes that all look the same, and no real direction as to what will happen depending on which box you select.

Then, after clicking a box you are left staring at an egg, or a circle, that you need to guide into a certain location. After spending some time trying to figure the game out, I finally got it – I figured out how to get the egg in the basket.

So I give the Finger Physics iPhone App two thumbs down and I do not recommend you spend your time downloading, and then trying to figure out the app. Just move on…

You can download Finger Physics from iTunes here (opens iTunes).

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