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3 Reasons Why iPhone Users Love AT&T

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This might be hard to imagine, but did you know that 73% of iPhone users ARE satisfied with AT&T, according to CNN Money.

That’s right, in a mobile / data phone market where only 69% of users are satisfied with their mobile phone carrier, AT&T comes out way ahead of the competition in regards to servicing their iPhone customers.

Here’s 3 reason why iPhone customers are satisfied with AT&T:

1)  The iPhone is shiny

That’s sounds ridiculous I know. But it’s basic “association”. The iPhone is cool looking, shiny, and has a sophisticated look and feel. Some may argue that iPhone users are a higher class group of society (again perception).

Regardless, iPhone users love their iPhone and so in turn, AT&T gets the indirect benefit of being the carrier and provider for the iPhone.

2)  iPhone MMS (multi media messaging)

I know that MMS has been out on a lot of other devices for quite some time. But again, the iPhone carries a certain aura in society. When the iPhone got MMS, which is really an AT&T service capability, AT&T just got a whole lot better.

3) Verizon turned down the iPhone 3 years ago

In probably one of the most regrettable moves in business history, Verizon did in fact turn down Apple’s iPhone 3 years ago as being the exclusive carrier and provider.

Because Verizon turned down Apple (and the iPhone), AT&T has gained the substantial advantage in the market place for building customer loyalty.

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