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Trends in Instruction Manuals For the Next Generations of Users

Next-generation users are seeking exceptional online user experiences, and tapping online instruction manuals and user guides are the norm for young entrepreneurs. Because of the exposure to technology in the classroom and the resulting development of more technical mindsets, it is no surprise these young consumers can practically figure out how to use products and […]

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ISS gives a blow to Carl Icahn with their approval on the Dell buyout.

Recently in news for reasons other than technology, the PC giant Dell has a future yet to be decided. With the decision from the founder of the company Michael Dell along with private equity firm Silver Lake Partners to buyout the company shares not being received too well by many. Also after their stunt to […]


NASDAQ:DELL – Dell Shares Down Nearly 8% In Pre Market

If you want to get a gauge on the health of the economy, then turn to a big brand consumer electronics companies and analyze their stock price forecast. Dell shares (NASDAQ:DELL) are down nearly 8% in pre market trading this morning to¬†second-quarter sales rising less than 1 percent to $15.7 billion, as reported yesterday. ¬†Analysts […]

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Dell Streak Release Date August 13th?

There are 2 websites right now that have reported the Dell Streak’s release date of being August 13th. The problem, however, is that the two sites (here and here) do not mention references to their sources from which they got the release date. And I’ve checked the other authoritative mobile phone sites, and there is […]

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AT&T To Subsidize Price of Dell Streak Tablet (Video)

Dell’s first tablet device called the Dell Streak as announced publicly last February. However, last week Dell made the mistake by updating their website with the new Dell Streak along with some previously unknown information. The Dell Streak is a data phone and tablet device hybrid. It will have a 5 inch display touch screen, […]

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Tablet Crunch – Tablets Change Everything

I’ve been building this site for about 3 straight days and now it’s time for me to start writing. I’m so excited about covering the tablet market, and I truly believe with all my heart that tablets will change everything we know about computing. Look at the iPad – it is already just as successful […]

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Dell Streak To Get Android 2.2, AT&T 3G

Dell has cleared up quite a few rumors surrounding their popular tablet… wait, mobile phone… wait, tablet mobile phone called the Dell Streak. 1) Dell Streak will get Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS later this year (2010) 2) The Streak will be released initially with Android 1.6 with an over the air update to 2.2 3) […]