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Tablet Crunch – Tablets Change Everything

I’ve been building this site for about 3 straight days and now it’s time for me to start writing.

I’m so excited about covering the tablet market, and I truly believe with all my heart that tablets will change everything we know about computing.

Look at the iPad – it is already just as successful as Apple’s iMac computers, what was their cornerstone product prior to the iPhone. And don’t forget, the iPad was only released a few months ago (April 3rd).

And look at Google’s Android OS.

This thing is spreading like wildfire and literally allowing the mobile / data phone as we know it to be merged with the tablet, making things like tablet mobile phones (look at the Dell Streak for example).

I maintain another  at where I write about technology and other current event topics.

But I felt a need to create a new blog that targets exclusively the tablet market and the news, trends, and future that these devices hold.

So I’m looking forward to jumping right in and start covering the tablet market – hope you enjoy the ride!

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