AT&T’s Dell Streak On Sale Tomorrow?

Ready for a 5 inch touch screen mobile phone! The widely discussed Dell Streak is going to be available for purchase tomorrow on the Dell website. Signups for pre-orders have stopped, but you can move right on up to purchasing … Continued

T-Mobile’s USA handset roadmap leaks out

Well it seems like the guys at AndroidSpin has got their hands on a leaked image for T-Mobile’s handset line up for the remainder of the year. Now it is possible that this could be fake, but since the Motorola … Continued

Dell Streak comes to the US in late summer

Dell Streak comes to the US in late summer In a press release a couple of day’s ago Dell announced the Dell Streak a 5-inch Android-based tablet. The Dell Streak will have a 5-inch touch screen, a 1Ghz processor, a … Continued

AT&T won’t cripple the Dell Aero

If any of you have the Motorola Backflip you probably have noticed that AT&T has taken out all of the main Google Apps. Well that won’t be the case with the Dell Aero, AT&T has put up a sign up … Continued