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Dell’s Android OS iPad Challenger (Pics & Images)Look-Alikes Leak

Dell’s Android Powered iPad Challenger

Here is Dell’s Android powered iPad Challenger:

dell android ipad challenger

This is obviously to be expected, and Dell isn’t going to be the last company to hop on the iPad bandwagon. But with Dell, we at least have some leaked pictures of the iPad challenger.

The tablets are reportedly called the Streak series.  A 5-in. Streak 5 (formerly known as the Mini 5) will reportedly launch with Dell’s Aero smart phone on the AT&T network in June.  The Streak series, like the Aero, will be powered by Google’s Android smart phone and MID operating system.

The 7-in. Streak 7 will arrive late this year and the 10-in. Streak 10 will arrive in “early 2011.”

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