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Twitter Launches a new ‘Highlights’ Feature to Give You Most Important Content

Twitter is launching features after features these days in an effort to sustain and grow its user base. Today, the blue bird has launched a feature called ‘highlights’ which will show you the most important tweets of the day. This will help you sift through the most important stuff, filtering out the crappy and useless […]


The Real Reason AT&T Wants To Buy T-Mobile

In a document that leaked through the FCC’s website last week, apparently AT&T has not be completely honest about their intents on merging with T-Mobile.  According to AT&T’s entire campaign up to this point with law makers and investors, the reason AT&T wanted to merge with T-Mobile was to help AT&T expand their LTE network […]

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AT&T Admits Being Overwhelmed by iPhone & Tablets

AT&T has finally humbled itself and admitted that the iPhone simply overwhelmed their data capacity from 2007 thru 2010. And they said that the problem is only going to get worse as more consumers purchase and use smartphones and tablets. AT&T admitted their shortcomings in a new filing explaining it’s intent to purchase T-Mobile. Their […]

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AT&T To Buy T-Mobile, Dramatic Boost in Android & 4G

AT&T announced today that it will buy T-Mobile from Deutche Telekom for $39 billion in both cash and stock.  This is one of the biggest mergers in the United States since the beginning of the financial crisis.  Not will this deal dramatically boost AT&T’s 4G expansion efforts, but it will add an additional 46.5 million […]

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T-Mobile Releases The New 4G G-2 Android Phone (Pricing & Terms)

It’s official, the T-Mobile G-2 Android phone is now available on T-Mobile’s website.  The new G2 Android phone is designed to utilize T-Mobile’s new 4G capabilities and features full access to the Google Android Market and the new Voice Actions from Google which allows full voice control of nearly all features of your mobile phone. […]

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Windows Phone 7 Coming to T-Mobile, Release Date Next Monday

Word on the street is that T-Mobile will begin selling Windows Phone 7 mobile phones along side of AT&T. Microsoft would now have two major US carriers on board ready to sell their Windows Phone 7 mobile phones. The Windows Phone 7 mobile phone that’s coming to T-Mobile is said to be a device manufactured […]

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T-Mobile G2 won’t have Tethering but could have Wi-fi Calling

According to some leaked internal documents from  The T-Mobile G2 could have a Wi-Fi calling option on the handset. Although the Wi-Fi calling on the T-Mobile G2 won’t be the same as on some of T-Mobile’s Blackberry handsets. The T-Mobile G2 will not switch between Wi-Fi calling and the cellular network. So once you’re […]