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Twitter Launches a new ‘Highlights’ Feature to Give You Most Important Content

Twitter is launching features after features these days in an effort to sustain and grow its user base. Today, the blue bird has launched a feature called ‘highlights’ which will show you the most important tweets of the day. This will help you sift through the most important stuff, filtering out the crappy and useless tweets which are of no use to you.

Most of the users are sick and tired of hundreds and thousands of tweets, promotions, ads and retweets on Twitter. The curating on Twitter is sloppy and most of the time, the main, information-worthy content gets lost under the huge piles of the useless content.

Twitter has already a feature called ‘while you were away’, which shows you the important tweets. But the new feature will help the users to get updated in an easy way.

Twitter announced this feature in a blog post.You can enable the Highlights feature right now.

Go to Settings and tap on your own account name (this can be done by tapping the 3 dot icon).

Tap on the mobile notifications section and you will see a new ‘Highlights’ feature. Check its box and the new feature will be enabled for your Twitter account.


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