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Windows Phone 7 Coming to T-Mobile, Release Date Next Monday

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Word on the street is that T-Mobile will begin selling Windows Phone 7 mobile phones along side of AT&T. Microsoft would now have two major US carriers on board ready to sell their Windows Phone 7 mobile phones. The Windows Phone 7 mobile phone that’s coming to T-Mobile is said to be a device manufactured by HTC, and that the device is more “business oriented”. Microsoft’s share of the mobile phone market has decreased recently to only 5.5%, and dropping quickly. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company has missed one whole cycle in mobile phones. The announcement for the new Windows Phone 7 enabled mobile phones is expected next Monday as Ballmer hosts a Microsoft & AT&T press confere

So do you think that Windows Phone 7 devices will succeed with the help of both AT&T and T-Mobile?

Or has Microsoft just fallen too far behind the mobile phone curve?

via WSJ

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