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Building Your Brand – Customers Desire Two Way Communication

Building Your Brand It’s what every business wants really.  No matter what business, product, or service you sell, the most important thing you can do is generate new customers. However, in today’s economy, with incomes and unemployment at all time lows, your business needs a strong brand in order to make customers comfortable enough to […]


Dell Announces Windows 7 PC’s And Video Tutorial Site

Dell just announced they will have Windows 7 pre-installed on select PC’s. This is a dramatic change in response to Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista. When Vista first launched, Dell absolutely refused to sell PC’s with Vista pre-installed and instead chose the more stable XP Pro.

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iPhone Outlook Pushes Apple Stock Higher 2.69%

A couple of great pieces of news sent Apple (AAPL) up 2.69% today to close at 163.89 on the NASDAQ. Apple is expected to sell2.7 to 2.8 million Macs and 9.5 to 10.5 million iPods in its fourth fiscal quarter Apple expected to sell 50 million iPhones in 2011 Apple customer satisfaction dips 1% but […]

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The iPhone, Android, & Mobile Market Mess in China

I’m really confused here as to why there is a thriving black market for the iPhone in China, why the Apple deal for 5 million iPhones to legitmitely be sold in China dies, but why the Dell Mini 3i that runs on Google’s Android OS is thriving and experience amazing growth? Is it me, or […]

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*BREAKING* – Dell Unveils China Only Mini-3i Android Phone

A China Mobile event in Beijing has just brought the very first photos of the Dell Mini-3i Android Device. China Mobile is the world’s biggest phone carrier – that’s right, the world’s biggest – and it current distributes the Dell Mini-3i phone in China. Now I don’t do too well with Chinese, but it that’s […]