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Google To Launch Its Wireless Carrier Service Today

Google is going to launch is MVNO wireless service today, WSJ claims. Google’s move is a direct threat to famous carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile and other companies. Google wants to make an ecosystem around its devices. This is why the company is making a major disruptive move which will have repercussions in the market. Google’s […]

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Home Is Where The WiFi Connects Automatically (Knitted in Frame)

I’m not sure where you can by a knitted home is where the wifi connects automatically version of this, but there are shirts and posters on Etsy.  This would be the perfect gift for the nerd in your family.

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Hey Santa, I Bet You Can’t Beat These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

“Hey Santa, I bet you can’t beat these deals!!!” That’s what a kid, acting a little bit rude might say to our Christmas Merry-maker up North… But it’s true! These are absolutely the hottest deals, that you will not want to miss – at unheard-of prices. First, we’ve got the Sony Wifi Blu-Ray Player. Going […]


New iPhone Updates Coming, Lock Screen Notifications & Over Air Updates

On Friday, Apple released the latest iOS build to developers called iOS 5 Beta 2.  This means it should be coming as an official update to your iPhone soon. Two of the more prominent updates to expect from the latest iOS update are the new lock-screen notifications and over the air updating, available via WiFi […]

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iOS 4.3 Brings Personal HotSpot WiFi Tethering To iPhones

I didn’t believe him at first! Someone on the SMSEO Facebook fan page said that he wouldn’t get the iPad 3G, only the iPad WiFi, because what he’d do is use his iPhone as a WiFi hotspot for his iPad. My response to him what “well, you must have jailbroken your iPhone because you can’t […]


White Space Coming Soon in the US – ‘WiFi On Steroids’

The United States is moving closer to a whole new paradigm of WiFi connectivity and speed with what’s called White Space. White space could be the key to moving the United States toward ubiquitous WiFi coverage – meaning, WiFi coverage in all places within the US. What is white space? It’s the unused public airwaves […]

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Rise of Firesheep and the Vulnerability of Wi-Fi

The casual coffee shop visitor who whips out his or her laptop to enjoy some free Wi-Fi service has more reason to be concerned these days.

Developer Eric Butler has produced a web browser add-on called Firesheep that makes viewing and using people’s private, sensitive information over wireless networks easy for even complete novices.

Butler reportedly had good intentions in creating this very dangerous tool. Because of its ease of use, Firesheep’s potential for doing damage is huge. Butler explains that “it’s extremely common for websites to protect your password by encrypting the initial login, but surprisingly uncommon for websites to encrypt everything else. This leaves the cookie (and the user) vulnerable.” Because of the widespread exploitation of such security holes, Butler contends that he created Firesheep “to demonstrate just how serious this problem is.”