Linger at Starbucks With Its New Digital Network

How about some half-and-half with that coffee? Or as of today, an exclusive digital network that all Starbucks customers can access from their computers and other wireless devices while¬†lounging around at the famous coffee chain? Though it already took the … Continued

China To Get The iPad via China Unicom

It’s quite possible that with the exception of the United States, China holds the most lucrative market for Apple products – especially when that product is the iPad. On Monday, China’s Caixin Media announced that China Unicom, China’s second largest … Continued

Sprint 4G Coverage Being Tested in New York City

Although the reports are sporadic, there are reports nonetheless that 4G is being picked up by various Sprint customers at various locations throughout New York City. New York City is a major hub of cell phone activity in the United … Continued

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Caught In The Wild

Samsung’s very own JK Shin has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is on it’s way. The image above has been confirmed that this is in fact a Samsung Galaxy Tab and more than likely this is a training seminar … Continued