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Linger at Starbucks With Its New Digital Network

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How about some half-and-half with that coffee? Or as of today, an exclusive digital network that all Starbucks customers can access from their computers and other wireless devices while lounging around at the famous coffee chain?

Though it already took the step to make its Wi-Fi access completely free for customers only mere months ago, Starbucks is taking things up another notch with the launch of the Starbucks Digital Network.

Built in a partnership with Yahoo, Starbucks’ network provides customers with premium access to sites that normally require a subscription, like the Wall Street Journal, iTunes, Nickelodeon, SnagFilms, New York Times, and much more.

Coffee enthusiasts can take up residence in one of the various bar stools or oversized couches in Starbucks, prop their laptops or iPads in their laps, and click away to enjoy the content. They will be able to read digital versions of the nation’s top newspapers, enjoy free books and book previews, stream and watch movies, television shows, and user-uploaded videos, and download exclusive music tracks especially picked out by Starbucks.

Even the business workers who hang out at Starbucks will have something to enjoy, with access to websites like LinkedIn as well as a free trial to some popular job hunting services.

To make things even more inviting, Starbucks also ensured that all of the content provided on the Starbucks Digital Network is built entirely in HTML5, making it completely compatible with smart phones and tablet technology so that no one is left out of the loop.

All of these things work to enhance the customer experience at Starbucks, which in turn will encourage them to go back for a second and third cup of coffee rather than rushing out the door as soon as they hit the cardboard bottom of their hot latte.

Coffee rage will also be averted as customers waiting for their caffeine fix can easily look through what the network has to offer and focus their attention elsewhere instead of concentrating on how long it takes to get a macchiato brewed.

Best of all, all of the content provided by the Starbucks Digital Network will be free.

Seeing as how Starbucks already reaches out to create a unique experience for customers with its exclusive music compilations and other related aspects, it only makes sense that a digital network be the next step.

After all, a great number of Starbucks’ clientele do work at the coffee chain, whether they are students studying for the next big exam or business workers hammering out a new proposal.

Making the Wi-Fi experience more personal and Starbucks-friendly is a great way to reach those customers. It is only a matter of time before other popular establishments follow suit and create their own free Wi-Fi experiences for their most loyal patrons.

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