Apple Is Ready To Beat Down Any iPad Competitor

Fight… fight… fight… fight… Looks like Apple is ready to step up, and beat down, any iPad competitor in the marketplace, both now and into the future. Forget about those measly little Android tablets, and those heavy, clunky, worthless Windows … Continued

Quick Look At The New Google Android OS (Video) just posted a video that takes a look at the new Google Android OS. This video shows the OS as being fast, sleek, and obviously optimized for Android tablet devices. This OS release, I’m assuming, the Gingerbread (Android 3.0) … Continued

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Source Code Released

Consider Android’s Gingerbread release “game on” for the developing community. The Google Android development team has released the source code for programmers and developers to come in and start customizing to fit their needs. Currently, the only Android smartphone on … Continued

Get Your Google Android Snowman Collectible

Dead Zebra has found a way to profit from all of the Google Android craze that is happening, and it’s not from building Android apps for the marketplace. These guys are actually building collectibles the Android figure. The latest one … Continued