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Free WiFi Coming To New York Subways, Then The Entire US?


You would think that New York City would be leading the way with this, but after nearly 3 years of planning, New York’s subway system will be getting wifi and mobile phone service.

New York City is now taking steps to give subway riders something that people in Berlin, Singapore, and Australia have had for quite sometime – access to wifi and cell phone service.

The project was launched back in 2007, but the company awarded the contract lost financial backing during the recession. Now the company had new financial support and expect to be done with the project by 2017.

With the fact that AT&T has supplied Time Square with free WiFi access, and now the subway system in New York, I don’t think it will be long before WiFi becomes ubiquitous.

Take this thought one step further and look at the introduction to a 4G satellite that will cover the entire United States, and you’re now looking at WiFi expansion efforts as near frivolous activities.

I’m predicting that sooner rather than later, internet connectivity will be everywhere, for everyone, and for every device.

And it will be free!

All of this will make devices like tablets, the iPad, etc… even more appealing and more widely used.

Welcome to the age of the tablet device!

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